San Jose International Tahiti Fete Application Process


Solo Categories and Divisions are as follows:

Baby Tamari’I Exhibition (boys & girls) 2--‐5 years old --‐ on Saturday & Sunday, July 6& 7 (all children get ribbon and/or DoubleTree Hotel Chocolate Chip Cookies)


‘Ote'a Vahine –Tamahine (girls) .....5--8 years old          ‘Ote’a Tane –Tamaroa (boys) ..... 5--8 years old
‘Ote’a Vahine -- Intermediate .....9--12 years old              ‘Ote’a Tane – Intermediate ..... 9--12 years old
‘Ote’a Vahine -- Lower Junior ..... 13--15 years old         

‘Ote’a Tane -- Lower Junior ..... 13--15 years  old

‘Ote’a Vahine -- Upper Junior ..... 16--18 years old          ‘Ote’a Tane -- UpperJunior ..... 16--18 years old
‘Ote’a Vahine-- Lower Senior ..... 19--24 years old          ‘Ote’a Tane -- Lower Senior ..... 19--24 years old
‘Ote’a Vahine -- Upper Senior..... 25--34 years old          ‘Ote’a Tane-- Upper Senior ..... 25--34 years old
‘Ote’a Vahine --Masters ..... 35--49 years old                     ‘Ote’a Tane-- Masters ..... 35--49 years old 
‘Ote’a Vahine –Masters Plus..... 50+years                             ‘Ote’a Tane-- Masters Plus..... 50+ years old

Time Limits Minimum Maximum

Solos 1.5 minutes 2 minutes (by house drummers)



Ori Tahiti Solo Competition


1. Contestants will be given their solo numbers on Thursday from 8:00a.m. on the first floor Ballroom lobby of the San Jose DoubleTree Hotel. To avoid long lines, we encourage directors or kumus to pick up their halau numbers all together& distribute them to their Soloists on Wednesday evening, July 3rd between 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. All contestants will Go to the Bay shore Ballroom where the eliminations Will be held starting at 10:00 am with the 5---8 age group. All soloists will be given free admission to the solo finals on Friday, July 5th, regardless if they moved to the finals or not.


2. House drummers will provide all drumming for eliminations and finals. All dancing will be impromptu.


 3. Ori Tahiti  Eliminations participants must wear a pareo. Hip bands, belts or hip heis may Be used  but no tassels. Hip band must be 3” or less, Headpieces are ok but no hand objects.


4. Finalists will compete on Friday, July 5th at the DoubleTree Hotel Bayshore Ballroom.


5. For finals, dancers must perform in pareo. Length of the pareo should not be below The knees, however, know that judges also dislike very short pareos. Head heis are optional, No hip heis, i’isor hand--‐held objects will be permitted. During finals, two to three dancers will perform at a time.

6.  The winners of the finals are those who receive the three top highest scores in each division.

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