United – Santa Clara International Dance Competition

   1, Age Division:

      Preteen: 7 -12   Teenage: 13 -18,   Young Adult: 19-25    Adult: 26 -35

     2, Guidelines:

  • Categories: Ethnic and Folk Dance, Ballet, Modern Dance, Street Dance,               

          Musical Theater 

  • Classification: Solo, Small Group (Duet,/Trio, 4-8 dancers), Large Group

  (9-24 dancers)

  • Time Limit:  Solo, Small Group: Not exceed 5 minuets

                Large Group: Not exceed 6 minutes.

  3, Competition Rules:

  • Competition will consist of two separate rounds: Primary and Final
  • Primary Round will be judged by organizations authorized by the festival committee, participants will be selected through competition and/or by sending DVD.

Final Round will take place at Santa Clara University, Mayer Theatre. Final dance has to be the same as performed in Primary Round.

Criteria for Evaluation: Technique, Strength, Flexibility, Quality and originality of the performance; the overall impression of the dance performance will also be

Application and Related Information

  1. Early application and Early Registration are encouraged.  To guarantee your acceptance, you should complete your registration by submitting a completed application form with the payment of the registration fee (non-fundable):
Competition:  Solo: $20 Small Group: $60 Large Group: $100   
Showcase:  Solo: $15 Small Group: $35 Large Group: $50


            Please payable to:             


                   United Association of American Dancers

                           72 North 5th Street,

                         San Jose, CA 95112  


 B. Competition/performance time will be email/mailed to you/your school/ instructors      


1, All participants must complete application form (Click for Application).

2. A complete application must be submitted with a photocopy of applicant’s (or the   

  director’s) identification card.