San Jose International World Music Festival


1, Age Classification:

Youngster7 - 12 Youth A (13 - 18 Youth B (19– 25 Adult26 - 35 

2, Competition format and requirements:

A, Western instruments include: String, Woodwind, Brass, Percussions

Folk instruments include: Strings, Plucked strings, Brass, Percussions.

B, Folk vocal style include: Folk song, Ethnic song, Traditional Opera

C, Format of competitions1, Solo 2, Duet 3, Ensemble 4, Orchestra 5, Choir: Children’s Chorus, Male Chorus or Female Chorus, Mixed Chorus,

D, Detail and time requirements:

Solo: one or two pieces in any music period, not exceed five minuets

Duet: one or two pieces in any music period, not exceed five minuets

Ensemble: one piece, not exceed seven minutes

Orchestra: one piece, not exceed ten minutes 

Children Chorus: one piece, not exceed five minutes

Male Chorus/Female Chorus: one piece, not exceed five minutes

Mixed Chorus: one or two pieces, not exceed ten minutes 

3, Performance Showcase: it is an opportunity for applicants who wish to experience the event but not to compete this time.

4, Awards: Competition awards include First, Second, Third, Fourth Honor Roll of each age classification. Performance Showcase applicants will receive “Talent Awards”.

5, Applications and Registration: 

  1. Early application and Early Registration are encouraged. To guarantee your acceptance, you should complete your registration by submitting a completed application form with the payment of the registration fee (non-refundable): $100 for competition, $35 for performance showcase. Please mail the check along with application to:


United Association of American Musicians

Attention: SJIWMF Office

72 North 5th Street,

San Jose, CA 95112


B. Competition/performance time will be email/mailed to you/your school/ instructors 


6. Related Information (apply to all applicants):

   A. Applicants need to submit evidence of identification.

  B. All works must be performed from memory.

  C. Recording or video tapping during the competition is forbidden.

  D. Applicants need to arrange their own accompanist.

  E. Competitors are required to wear proper dress during competition.