San Jose International Vocal Festival      

The 3rd Beacon International Vocal Competition

    1, Age Classification:

Competition is open for all competitors over 18. Singers will compete in one of three Divisions:

Lower Division: (18-24)      Upper Division: (25-30)      Advanced Division: (31 and older).

   2,  Competition format and requirements:

A, The Competition will consist of two separate rounds: primary and finals. Competitors  

     will perform two Arias (Opera and/or Oratorio) for primary round. The total combined  

     performance time for two selections must not exceed 10 minutes   

B, Repertoires: All Division singers will be prepared to perform two Arias (Opera and/or

 Oratorio), or one Aria (Opera or Oratorio) and one Art Song of contrasting style, period,    

 language and composer, from the standard Western European and/or American 

 literature. Russian and Spanish language literature is also acceptable..

 C, During final round, competitors can use the repertories for primary round, and the total

     combined performance time for two selections must not exceed 15 minutes.   

           D, Singers will be responsible for securing their own accompanists for all rounds of the   


           E, All stages of the competition may be recorded and/or video recorded as authorized by

               the competition organizing committee, which retains the exclusive rights of all audio

               and video recordings


  3,   Performance Showcase:  it is an opportunity for applicants who wish to experience

       the event but not to compete this time.

  4,   Awards:  Competition awards include First, Second, Third, Fourth Honor Roll of each age  

        classification. Performance Showcase applicants will receive “Talent Awards”.